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Food Systems and Collective Agency

Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, Praha

19 November 2021

Defective Food Concepts

(with A. Borghini, B. Serini)

14th Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA)

22-24 September 2021, Noto (SR), Italy

Towards a Social Ontology of Food

Half-Baked Online Colloquia Series Spring 2021


A Gradient Framework for Wild Food

Complutense University of Madrid, 09 March 2020

Discussant of Anne Barnhill and Matteo Bonotti “Food, Gentrification and Located Life Plans”

University of Milan, 21 February 2020

Ontologia e metafisica del confini

Margini e Confini. Settimana di didattica invernale, Dottorato

interateneo, Università di Trieste – Università di Udine, Storia delle società, delle istituzioni e del pensiero. Dal Medioevo all’Età Contemporanea, 31 January 2020

Sustainable Food in Italy: Understanding Cultural and Social Norms

chair of the workshop, Monash University, Prato Center, 28 January 2020

A New Model for Local Food

(with Borghini, A., Donati, D., Engisch, P., Pileri, M., Serini, B.), 3° Incontro nazionale rete politiche locali del cibo, Università degli Studi di Napoli l’Orientale, 23-24 January 2020 (in Italian)


Can I Taste a Landscape?

Philosophical Perspectives on Food and Landscape, University of Milan, 19 December 2019

Ontological Frameworks for Food Utopias

(with A. Borghini, B. Serini), SHOT Annual Meeting, Society for the History of Technology, 25 October 2019

To Be or not To Be a Food: Analysis of a Predicate

(with A. Borghini), XXV Convegno Nazionale della Società di Filosofia del Linguaggio, University of Cagliari, January 2019


From Food to Dishes, and Back

(with A. Borghini) Framing Recipes: Identity, Relationships, and Norms, University of Milan, 05 December 2018

(with A. Borghini), 13th Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA), 05 September 2018

Can We Move Paris to Texas? On the Metaphysics of Persistence and Context-Dependency

(with F. Bacchini), On the (Im)possible Future of Cities and Agriculture Sites, University of Milan, 16 April 2018


Noli me Tangere

Departmental Colloquia, University of L’Aquila, 29 November 2017


One Thing or Less. Why Every Region of Space Can Host at Most One Thing

12th Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA), 7 Septmber 2016

The Metaphysically Indivisible View of Simples

Fifth Italian Conference in Analytic Ontology, University of Padua, 29 June 2016

L'individisibilità metafisica degli atomi mereologici

12th Conference of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA), 7 Septmber 2016

In Defense of Locke's Law

Post Graduate Research Seminar, University of Nottingham,

27 April 2016


Do Natural Boundaries Exist?

Ph.D. Research Seminar, University of Sassari, 29 June 2015

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