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Under Contract Food and Climate Change in a Philosophical Perspective (with A. Borghini, B. Serini) in Pellegrino, G., Di Paola, M., (Eds.), Handbook of the Philosophy of Climate Change, Springer, New York


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2021 Learning from Covid-19: Public Justification and the Ontology of Everyday life, (with A. Borghini, M. Bonotti, B. Serini), Social Theory and Practice


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2019 Spatial Fictionalism. A New Solution of the Grounding Problem, In Davies, R., (Ed.) Natural and Artifactual Objects in Contemporary

Metaphysics. Exercises in Analytic Ontology, Bloomsbury, London: 58-79


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Under Contract The Metaphysics of Boundaries. A Critical Overview. Cham: Springer

Edited Volumes

2020The Philosophy of Food. Recipes Between Arts and Algorithms", (with A. Borghini), HUMANA.MENTE. Journal of Philosophical Studies, 38


2020Metaphysics at the Table”, (with A. Borghini, D. Donati), Argumenta, 5 (2)

Other Writing

2020 COVID-19 in Everyday Spaces: Social and Political Considerations, (with M. Bonotti, A. Borghini, B. Serini, S. Zech), ABC Religion and Ethics


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